UFO Crash near Dutton

UFO Crash near Dutton

Date: October, 10, 2005

Location: Victor, MT

While driving home with a load on my truck on highway 93 going South from Stevensville about 3:50 p.m. I noticed something flashing in the sky and as I watched, while trying to stay on the road.

I noticed 2 objects I thought were planes for a second moving East to West over the Bitterroot Valley near Bear Creek, Victor area, until a second later they both swayed back and forth and the following disk popped up on its side to reveal a shiny metallic surface that reflected the Sun, not as bright like a mirror, but reflecting enough sunlight with a bright blue/grey reflection, like cobalt metal with a bright light shined on it is exactly what it looked like, that came from the whole area of the craft.

It was on its side for about 2 seconds as it still moved forward following the other. That is when I saw it was a disk shaped and that it was not an airplane.

When they were level they were more of a thin dark line in the sky with no shiny reflection from their sides, that I could see anyway from my angle.

They were moving at about 150 mph, about the same speed as a small airplane or a little faster in the last few seconds I saw them go into the valley.

The day was clear and sunny, not a cloud in sight.

The whole sighting lasted about 10 seconds since I only caught the last part of them before they entered the mountains, but while I was watching them a few other drivers were also pulling their cars over and looking up at the sky.

I am sure with such a large object and its shiny surface many others in the Bitterroot Valley saw the same thing, if they happened to be paying attention.

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