My Dog & Myself Were Abducted

My Dog & Myself Were Abducted

Date: February 5, 1978

Location: Medinaceli in Soria, in Castile and León, Spain

On February 5, 1978, I, Julio Albafuera, a veterinarian in Medinaceli was abducted by alien beings. They also abducted my dog.

These beings were tall and Nordic looking. They took samples of blood, gastric juices and semen.

They told me that their own world is becoming a dark, spoiled place and they want to study our wonderful world before we make a mess of things as they did on their world.

I was on their ship but I could not see clearly and I can only remember a few things about the experience. I asked them why they have to do these things to us, and one of them said:

We have to because, as time goes by, mankind will become sterile. They will not be able to produce because of the pollutions of the lands and the waters and the air and the bacteria.

That is how they explained to me why they are taking these specimens, because they are trying to save samples to grow things from in the future.

They also told me there are other races of beings who have a different idea, that of reprogramming us entirely and manipulating us genetically.

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