Not The Shooting Star We Thought It Was

Not The Shooting Star We Thought It Was

Date: November 1, 1967

Location: Vaucouleurs, Lorraine, France

In the winter of 1967 or 1966, myself and my girlfriend were sitting in my car on a rural mountain near Vaucouleurs, Lorraine, France and we saw what was first thought of as a shooting star or a comet moving horizontially from our left to right, approximately 45 across the sky and then just stopped to our right, after about a half minute of watching it.

It was motionless for about. 20 seconds and then just shot up verticly to abt. 80 degrees instantanously and again was motionless. It appeared to be way above our atmosphere. At that time we became frightened and left the area and returned to Vaucouleurs.

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