While Picking Up Nightcrawlers

While Picking Up Nightcrawlers

Date: June 1, 1960

Location: Vassalboro, ME

Picking up nightcrawlers to go fishing a light was overhead around 7:00 p.m.

It had the middle as gold as an egg inside, the outside had a light pale yellow and then a weld torch white.

I had a flashlight that had several shades on it that you could turn and so I used blue and it vanished.

Yellow - No Reaction.

Red - Flashed Quickly.

Green - Seemed to disappear, then return.

My dog went to the back of his doghouse and wouldn't come out.

I felt like my body was picky.

Next thing I knew my mom was shaking me and telling me I was in trouble with her as she had been looking for me for an hour to come in to take my bath.

The sky was darker then and my can of worms was empty.

Guess they wanted to know what I was up too.

I was born in 1948.

Seems like it happened just yesterday.

I also had an experience where in 1975 married with 2 kids living in a trailer in the same area i saw a metallic form at the foot of my bed.

Figured I was dreaming but next day a faint red glow was above the trailer roof my husband was painting an banana riding toy for the kids, and when he dunked the brush in the paint can the paint seemed to jump off the brush onto toy, and spelled the word help me.

I am a sky watcher and keep to myself.

But it needs to be told and I am a retired disabled state employee and not an old coot.

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