Beams Of Light

Beams Of Light

Date: December 29, 1966

Location: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

5 members of a Canadian Pacific Airlines flight reported that they saw a UFO during a regular flight from Lima, Peru, to Mexico City, Mexico.

The Captain, Robert Millbank, of Burnaby, B.C., said he saw 2 Beams Of light during the flight and the other members of the crew gathered to watch.

It was getting bigger all the time, and at one point shot out a trail of sparks like a rocket.

Then it seemed to be getting closer and we could see a string of lights between the 2 lights that were white.

It then levelled off at our wing tip and, in the full Moon, we could see a shape between the 2 lights which appeared thicker in the middle.

He said the object remained a couple of minutes then disappeared behind the big passenger plane.

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