2 Brothers Watch As UFOs Fly Over

2 Brothers Watch As UFOs Fly Over

Date: September 15, 1934

Location: Valley City, ND

Not much to explain, but is much different, much earlier, than anything I've ever heard about UFOs.

Been trying, at times, to figure out whom to tell this to for many years.

Looked to National Enquirer years ago.

Asked them for an address to write to explain what we saw.

They gave me the address in photocopy, which as you can see was undeliverable.

So forgot about it until a UFO presentation on TV tonight.

Have a computer, but am not very proficient at it, but found your address.

The letter I wrote 1990 was returned and have never been opened.

Is still sealed.

Here goes.

I am 83 and my brother is 88.

We saw this in approximately 1934.

We were in the country on our family farm 6 miles East of Valley City, ND.

It was in open a country ½ mile from the farm in the afternoon about 3:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.

The sky had high overcast, no wind, very quiet.

We were at an old gravel pit, checking for badger holes.

We heard a rushing sound which got our attention.

Looking up, we saw the object moving from southeast to northwest.

They were out of sight in seconds.

To me, they seemed to be perfectly round, black.

I likened them to be like a bowling ball in size, very, very close, very low, had to be low to be able to hear the rushing sound, as they passed by, as low as 50', side by side, equidistant apart.

Not quite overhead, but off to the West of us.

My brother says they disappeared in the clouds.

I disagree.

I say they disappeared in the distance.

I am a private pilot, so I know a little more about cloud conditions.

The clouds went much too high.

They disappeared in a straight, ascending attitude.

Ascending in about a 10° to 15° attitude.

Was very slight.

That's the story, for what it's worth.

Much can be said yet about it because we had nothing like this experimentally.

Am quite certain, way back then.

Didn't even have much flying, yet.

This is not a hoax.

This did happen.

If you have any questions, better get at it while our minds are still good.

The age is there.

Have not told my 88 year old brother about this writing.

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