At First We Thought They Were Shooting Stars

At First We Thought They Were Shooting Stars

Date: August 7, 1953

Location: Vallejo, CA

On a hot summer night a group of boys were playing football on the front lawn of our grade school.

After a while we tired and laid down on the grass and look up to a heaven full of stars.

We decided to see how many shooting stars we could see.

One kid said look there's one and after a while another said:

Did you see that?

We said what?

He said that a shooting star came out of that bright star up there.

He pointed and we watched the bright star.

It seemed brighter than the others.

What we saw was not only objects come out and a light coming on and it shoot away a incredible speed.

But then others coming back at incredible speed like a shooting star.

Stopping in front of this bright star.

A beam of light coming on than disappeared into the bright star.

We observed this for a while.

We also felt a little uneasy.

A cop car came slowly driving by so I went over to stop him and told him.

He got out but I think the strain on his neck was to much for him.

Sometime it took a while for one to show.

I don`t think they believed us

They did pull off to the corner and watched.We finally left.

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