2 Women See UFO

2 Women See UFO

Date: July 29, 1948

Location: West Uniontown, PA

Mrs. Catherine MacDonald & Mrs. Margaret Hollar saw an oval luminous object.

Rolling vertically on its edge in level flight at about 5,000', below the clouds, with a short trail, about ½ the length of the object.

In the southwest moving southwest to northeast, to the South of witnesses?

2 similar objects seen at 5 minute intervals, the 2nd seeming transparent as lightning could be seen flashing behind it.

Police were then called so 2nd/3rd objects were seen by police Sgt. Charles Schulz and Mrs. MacDonald's daughter Catherine.

Another neighbor woman and her daughter were brought out, when a 3rd object was seen, height estimated 6,000' to 9,000', same southwest to northeast path.

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