Twin UFO Reports In Massachusetts

Twin UFO Reports In Massachusetts

Date: 1963

Location: East Weymouth & Rockland, MA

2 UFO reports occurred at close to the same time in Massachusetts on this night.

At 1:00 a.m. in East Weymouth, Norfolk County, a married couple saw a 30' diameter object shaped like 2 bowls rim to rim hovering over some power lines, approximately 300' away from them.

The UFO made a buzzing or humming sound as they watched it hover there for 3 minutes.

At about the same time 3 people in Rockland, in nearby Plymouth County, saw and photographed a disk shaped object zigzagging away toward the northwest, or in the direction of Norfolk County.

The time lapsed photo shows a light making 90° turns, and was published in the local newspaper.

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