Harry Turner Incident

Harry Turner Incident

Date: August 28, 1979

Location: Winchester to Fredericksburg, VA

Despite having reached his final destination on a new route, long haul truck driver Harry Turner had no recollection of the journey.

He noticed a gun in his hand and empty shells scattered around the cabin of his truck, indicating that he had fired all 8 rounds.

Then, the memories came flooding back.

His truck had been swallowed by a bright light as he drove to Fredericksburg from Winchester, VA.

Apparently, Turner and his truck had been carried in perpetual nothingness.

The steering now no longer under Turners control, Harry sat in his seat, contemplating his next move.

As his mind scrambled, the door to his vehicle flung open and an iron like grip took hold of his shoulder.

In a complete panic, he discharged his weapon, although he could not see any visible assailant.

The grip on his shoulder let up.

By this time, consumed by fear and confusion, he lost consciousness.

His wristwatch stated it was just after 11:00 p.m., however, a clock on the warehouse wall indicated the time was 3:00 a.m. and he sat in the warehouse parking lot of his delivery destination.

The journey should have spanned 80 miles, when his truck was analyzed, however, it showed that he had only driven 17 miles.

Turner believed that he had entered a portal and encountered an ultraterrestrial, an interdimensional being.

Supposedly, this was the creature that had grabbed him, and at which he fired his gun.

His captors dressed in white, very much like doctors.

Even more bizarre, was that they appeared to have numbers written on their heads.

Following the incident, Turner began to have stranger and more fascinating experiences.

Even more bizarre, was when he looked at his wife one evening as she slept beside him, he could see her skeleton and internal organs. It was as if her skin were translucent, or as if he had X Ray vision.

Turner became convinced that this ability was somehow connected to the experience on the highway.

Harry became increasingly withdrawn, suffering from strange behavior, and suicidal thoughts.

Animals also acted very oddly when he approached them.

At one point, in pursuit of one of the creatures, he became the focal point of a cross state police chase.

As time passed, further memories of the ordeal would come back to him.

For reasons he had no explanation for, he became aware the star system of Alpha Centauri.

A common phenomenon among abductees.

Following the incident, Turner began to have stranger and more fascinating experiences.

There is little written about Turner.

Some investigators find this strange, particularly given his brash public claims.

Combined with the fact that he is a former Navy serviceman, but all of his records had vanished as if he was never born.

More than an eyebrow or 2 will raise the possibility of government involvement to one level or another.

A report was made to the Mutual UFO Network, MUFON, but the incident is still unexplained.

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