Tularosa UFO Crash

Tularosa UFO Crash

Date: July 4, 1947

Location: Near Tularosa, NM

Close to the eastern border of White Sands missile test range a large lenticular disk shaped craft, 99' in diameter, with a dome on top and a small rim, crashed.

U.S. radars tracked it for a long time, it was flying very slowly, apparently, the pilots died out of decompression long before the disk crashed.

5 short aliens, all dead, were found at the site.

There was a small hole in one of the portholes.

The craft was moved to Muroc AFB and later to Wright Patterson and moved to Hangar 18.

The aliens were about 3' in height, grey type with 3 webbed fingers, lizard like skin, which was originally bluish/grey/green in color but the color was distorted since all were badly charred.

Their origin was later established as star MD-5015 on top of Cassiopeia Constellation, 60 light years away.

Several other craft from that same civilization have also crashed.

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