More Electrical Or Magnetic Effects

More Electrical Or Magnetic Effects

Date: August 10, 1951

Location: Sunland/Tujunga, CA

Vehicle was observed in frontal, overhead and trailing edge views as it decended from the North over the San Gabrial mountain range, leveling off over the Valley floor of Tujunga.

Then climbing out to clear the Verdugo hills range that borders the North edge of Burbank Airport.

The vehicle was very sharp in detail with a smooth aerodynamic and symmetrical shape as it decended straight for me and leveled off passing overhead, then climbing back out at about a 20° climb.

It very much resembled a drone vehicle of about 100' feet' in diameter programed to maintain a mean ground or terrain following low altitude of about 500' to 1,000' above ground level.

It was observed for only about 4 seconds and moving in a straight line North to South course at about 650 to 700 mph.

Description of frontal view:

symmetrical oval bubble shape on top and bottom within the center sectiom comprising about 25% of its diameter.

An outer flared ring section with a smooth symmetrical straight line taper running from the thickened center section to almost a knife edge at the outer periphery comprising about 75% of the vehicle.

Description of bottom view:

The oval center section was clearly static, not revolving, while the outer ring section was revolving at a high speed around it with no gap visible but a definite line of separation.

The colors were mostly bright white like a glowing light bulb comprising all of the center section running into about 10% of the revolving ring and transisting from white to orange and then reds at the outer periphery.

There was a bright thick and continuous blue electrical arc surrounding but not touching the outer peripherial edge that was giving off a stream of orange/white sparks.

Some of my background:

At the time of the sighting, 1951, I was 19 years old, sitting in a convertable with the top down and with a girl friend in her driveway and the car facing North.

I was working then as an engine build up mechanic for the Flying Tiger Line at their main base in Burbank Airport.

Since then I have worked for many companies within the Aerospace industry, retiring as a Project Assembly Tool Engineer.

I have seen high speed aircraft flying just off the ground and overhead at just under Mach 1.

I have seen things happen in slow motion and reacted at a suprisingly high speed when jolted with an emergency adrenaline rush resulting in much detail being acquired within a second or so.

Also I have not reported this before now because during the time I had seen the object I had told several people who I worked with and was laughed at and kidded for some time.

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