Pulsing Light That Was Moving South

Pulsing Light That Was Moving South

Date: May 1, 1960

Location: Tucson, AZ

One evening in the Spring of 1960, a friend and I were sitting at a softball field, we were both 11 years old.

We looked up in the sky and both observed a pulsing light that was moving South across the desert sky.

It was totally silent.

It would cross from left to right, then make a perfect 90° turn, go a short distance away from us and make another 90° turn to go across the sky to the left.

Then it would make another right angled turn away from us, go a short distance and turn again to the right and go across the sky.

This pattern, as if the light was plowing the sky, the way a tractor would plow a field, continued for several minutes until it disappeared in the distance.

The next morning I went back to that ball field just to look around and found some pieces of official looking paper, like government letterhead, on the infield dirt.

I could see where it said U.S. Air Force at the top in a blue ink, there were burn marks on the paper.

That's all.

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