I Saw a Flying Object Hovering in the Sky

I Saw a Flying Object Hovering in the Sky

Date: June 15,1975

Location: Trujillo Alto, PR

I'm from Puerto Rico, we speak and write in Spanish here, so escuse me if you dont understand my writting.

My UFO sighting happened when I was a kid.

We where always playing in the outside of our homes during day or night. One night we where going to camp in the backyard of a house. During that night we saw a flying object hovering in the sky.

It was orange in colorfull light and has a shape like a oval diamond,the object stand there and moved slowly to one side and another,then it went farther until his shape looked small.

I dont remenber any more, it happened long time ago.

But the story is real, and I think is illogical to say that we are alone in this world.

The only proof to say this is that we don't have the technology to prove the oposite.

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