4 Dead Alien Creatures In Capitol Building

4 Dead Alien Creatures In Capitol Building

Date: 1939

Location: Washington D.C.

The following is a transcript from a letter

William E. Jones writes, I thought your readers should be aware of the Cordell Hull story that alien artifacts were in our hands in 1939. In early December of 1999, the Center of UFO Studies received a letter from the daughter of the Reverend Turner Hamilton Holt: Today I want to share some knowledge that has been, by request, kept secret in our family since sometime in World War II. This concerns something my father was shown by his cousin Cordell Hull, the Secretary of State under Franklin Roosevelt. Snip, my father, who was young, brilliant, and sound of mind, told us this story because he didn't want the information to be lost. One day when my father was in D.C,. Cordell swore him to secrecy and took him to a sub-basement in the U.S. Capitol building, and showed him an amazing sight:

(1) Four large glass jars holding 4 creatures unknown to my father or Cordell [and],

(2) A wrecked round craft of some kind nearby.

My father wanted my sister and I to make this information known long after he and Cordell were dead, because he felt it was a very important bit of information. We have researched your group {MUFON} and feel it is the most reliable group in the country. We hope that you will research and search this information. The jars with creatures in formaldehyde and the wrecked craft are somewhere! Cordell said they were afraid they would start a panic if the public found out about it.


Lucile Andrew,

Ashland, Ohio.

Cordell Hull was one of the greatest statesmen of the 20th Century with absolutely no apparent reason to tell this story unless it was true, especially at a time when stories of flying saucers and their alien drivers had not yet become part of our culture. Reverend Holt and Hull were both born in Pickett County and were cousins and friends. Holt attained a Doctor in Theology degree from Ashland Theological Seminary, and was a minister at the Shenandoah Christian Church in Greenwich, Ohio. He was a community leader, and wrote a book entitled Life's Convictions. He married Vina May Clark and they had three daughters. Two of the daughters claim they had been told about the creatures by their father. Lucile's original letter essentially tells the story as her father told it to her when she was a teenager. Unfortunately, Lucile said that she was too young to really pay much attention to what her father told her but Allene, the mother of Eloise, the co-author of this story was told the same story as her sister. Both sisters assured us that they remember the stories independently. Reverend Holt described the entities in the glass jars as creatures, a term common for his day... He never referred to them as aliens or extraterrestrials. He never said where they came from. Lucile stated that his experience happened in the late 1930s, probably 1939. The material that was nearby the less than 4' tall creatures was described as silver metallic. She also remembers him referring to the material as being a vehicle that appeared to have been taken apart and was in pieces.

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