When The Aliens Crashed The Sleepover

When The Aliens Crashed The Sleepover

Date: Unknown

Location: Unknown

When I was about 12, my best friends and I used to sleep out on my friend's trampoline in his yard in the summer.

We would gather our bed stuff and bounce around till we got tired, then eventually lay down and go to sleep.

One evening, 4 of us were laying on the trampoline talking, when we notice that there's something floating over the woods nearby.

You couldn't see it directly, just that it blocked the stars out as it slowly moved.

It was just a little higher than the tree tops and completely silent.

We were just some dumb kids, so we just watched it.

Slowly it drifted until it was directly over top of us.

Then there was this light that I cannot describe.

It was more than blindingly bright.

It was disorientingly, cripplingly bright like it shone down into you.

The next thing I remember, we were all standing inside my friend's house looking out his sliding glass back door at the object still hovering there, and then it glided away.

We were all spooked, but we decided to go back out to go to bed on the trampoline.

We're laying there for a while and the next thing we know, it comes back again and does the exact same thing.

Again, we find ourselves inside looking out the back door.

Beyond all reason, we go back outside to bed again, same thing happens a 3rd time.

We finally decided to sleep inside with the lights on.

My friends and I lost touch as we grew up, but when I was 18, I heard one of them was in town.

I ran into him at a party one night and pulled him to the side to ask him about that night as it had bothered me for some time.

His response has shaken me to this day.

I cannot describe his reaction sufficiently.

He looked at the ground and said:

I don't wanna talk about it.

I was kinda shocked by his response, so I didn't know what to say.

He got up and walked out and I stayed sitting there thinking about what just happened.

I got up after a minute to go see if I could find him, but he'd left immediately after.

That was it.

Haven't seen him or the others.

But his response was enough to let me know something strange definitely went down that night.

I don't know if I want to remember.

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