Recurring Dream

Recurring Dream

Date: June 15,1960

Location: Trail, British Columbia, Canada

I realize that you prefer to post verifiable events, and I won't mind a bit if you don't post this in your database.

But the report of the dream from that fellow in Seattle March 15, 2001 made the hair on the back of my neck stand up.

When I was a child growing up in Trail, BC, I used to have the same recurring dream as that described by your Seattle correspondent.

As I got older, the dream would recur less often.

Oddly, I had the dream again, after an interval of many years, only a few months ago.

In my dream, the early morning clear daytime sky is filled with these objects flying over at relatively low altitude.

Leaving trails that are not contrails.

As I stood in our backyard watching, we lived at this location in Trail from the time I was about 2 years old, 1958, to 1964.

Some of the objects are dark green, but many are shining, golden colored.

I don't recall seeing markings on the objects, however. I don't remember when these dreams started.

But I do recall that at first I had them almost every night, sometimes more than once in a night.

I usually woke up immediately after the dream, and the recollection of the dream is vivid in my mind for days afterward.

Then the dreams occured much less frequently.

By the time I started university in 1974, I was having them once or twice a month, by the 1980s, I seldom had the dream.

As I got older, I attributed the dream to a child's interpretation of events related to the Cuban missile crisis, although I don't recall if they started at the time of this event or not.

I never thought that anyone else would dream of exactly these same objects.

I don't really expect, or want, to see this posted, but I wonder if the person who contacted you from Seattle might want to know that others have had the same dream, from the perspective of where they were living.

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