Watchmen Encounters Enormous Green Creature

Watchmen Encounters Enormous Green Creature

Date: December 6, 1978

Location: Torriglia, Italy

On the frigid night of December 6,, 1978, night watchman Pier Zanfretta was on a routine patrol in the village of Torriglia, when he stumbled into a series of terrifying encounters with extraterrestrial beings that would make him question everything he had come to believe about reality.

Zanfretta’s upsetting tale began when his car inexplicably lost power en route to a client’s unoccupied home. The confused security man glanced through his window and spied 4 lights moving in the garden of the house he was coming to inspect. Assuming that the beams were emanating from the flashlights of prowlers, Zanfretta climbed from his car with his revolver and flashlight in hand.

The watchman silently slipped through the gate and crept along a rock wall in an effort to get the jump on what he still assumed were ordinary burglars.

Just as he prepared to leap out to confront these trespassers, he felt something touch his shoulder from behind. Zanfretta spun around, but instead of finding a human criminal he saw an entity that he described as being:

An enormous green, ugly and frightful creature, with undulating skin… as though he were very fat or dressed in a loose, gray tunic… no less than 10' tall. It was flanked by 2 similar beasts.

Zanfretta would include more explicit descriptions of these beings including hairy, greenish skin, horns on the sides of their faces, yellow triangular eyes and red veins embedded in their the foreheads. He also described a unique, self-illuminated mechanical apparatus that fit over their mouths.

Zanfretta was so stunned by the sight before him that he sprinted away from these bizarre brutes.

As he approached his dead car, he insisted that a brilliant light loomed up behind him. Zanfretta looked over his shoulder to see a massive, triangular shape, which blinded him. He shielded his eyes with his arm and stared in awe as this gigantic UFO ascended with a hiss and blasted him with a searing wave of heat.

Struggling, the guard finally made it back to his car where he contacted his security company. The radio operator testified that his friend’s incoherent babbling consisted of descriptions of inhuman beings:

They aren’t men, they aren’t men… my God, are they ugly.

An hour later 2 other guards discovered Zanfretta lying on the frost covered ground. Shockingly his clothes were still warm. The guards also discovered horseshoe shaped markings in the ground behind the house that seemed to have been made by an extremely heavy object.

No less than 52 Torriglia residents reported spying a bright light emanating from the same area. In the months followed, the watchman claimed to have been confronted by these, and other, creatures numerous times and huge footprints and other tangible pieces of evidence were even found at the scenes of these alleged abductions.

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