Saw Circular, Saucer Type Object

Saw Circular, Saucer Type Object

Date: June 1, 1954

Location: Toledo, OH

I was Born in 1947 in Toledo Ohio, and still live there.

I believe in the spring/summer or beginning of fall Around 1953 or 1954, I Was riding my bike to a corner store.

I was about 6 or 7 years old.

Anyway, I was near the corner of Door St. & Underwood St.

I happened to look behind me, which would be looking East, toward downtown Toledo.

About in the middle of the sky I remember there was nearly a full Moon.

As I Looked to the left of the Moon, which would have been the northeast direction,

I saw a circular, saucer type object, like a grey putty color, going from North to South direction.

I'm guessing the height might have been 300' or 400' up and it had a white vapor trail coming out of the back, which would dissipate as soon as it came out of the back end.

It did not linger in the sky as a vapor trail would.

i was in awe, and just held on to my bike.

And watched it as it disappeared into the South direction.

I'm not to good at estimating speed, but it must have moved about 200 m.p.h.

It was big, because when it passed in front of the Moon, the Moon was blocked out for a moment.

I can't even guess the size, it was no plane or blimp, that I know.

I'm guessing it was about the size of a DC-9 or DC-10, but circular and kinda dome-shaped at top


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