UFO Over Tillamook

UFO Over Tillamook

Date: January 23, 1949

Location: Tillamook, OR

Burt Leckington and wife while driving South on Hwy 101, about ⅓ mile southeast of Pleasant Valley.

Saw a shiny, silvery, round stationary object about 10' to 15' in size glinting in the Sun to the southeast at about 35 elevation about 500' to 2,000' height about ½ to ¾ mile away.

When he went inside his shop to get binoculars the object disappeared.

No sound or trail.

Witness Smith in Tillamook saw for about 1 minute the polished silver saucer shaped object reflecting sunlight nearly overhead at 45 elevation stationary at first about 1,500' altitude, the angular size of a full Moon, then moving northeast at about 40 mph,

Sighting lasted for about 2½ to 3 minutes.

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