UFO Buzzed B-47

UFO Buzzed B-47

Date: August, 14, 1957

Location: Ticonderoga, NY

B-47 bomber heading for Plattsburg AFB, NY.

Observer was reading serial numbers on tail of B-47 when disk appeared near tip of B-47's tail.

Bomber is too far away to hear any sound.

Disk descended downward toward rear fuselage of B-47, disk in same focus as B-47.

Disk was silver/white at 45° angle now in level flight passed over B-47 canopy, canopy has small sun reflection at bubble edge near fuselage.

Disk still at 45° or slightly less flies over nose of B-47.

Telescope locked on to horizontal flight path of B-47, tracking object horizontally.

Observer switched to naked eye visual of object; same seen with squinted eyes, nearsighted, and with glasses on.

4 seconds elapsed since disk left bomber nose.

Telescopic observation last 4 seconds as object disappeared into tree line north-northwest of observer.

Details of disk were it was a beautiful sight, no sound.

Observer was able to focus rapidly on far edge of disk, very sharp edge.

Front edge of disk very sharp edge with middle of disk sort of mottled, not a smooth surface.

Color whitish/silver.

Observer obtained 3 separate focal points for craft, it was 3 dimensional.

Observer was watching B-47 thru 90x telescope due East of his position.

Disk covered the quadrant in 8 seconds, approximately 1,350 mph.

Observer ran into house to yell at relative but object is lost behind trees.

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