Object Changed Color, Then Landed

Object Changed Color, Then Landed

Location: Thelma, TX

Date: November 14, 1954

While hunting object circled, landed and then took off straight out of sight.

While out with dogs hunting, dogs returned to my location acting scared.

Since I was only 14 at the time it scared me.

My dogs had never acted that way at any time.

Then way up high in the northern sky a light that was changing from red to white to blue to yellow kept growing larger.

Then I could see a definite shape like a disk or a saucer with 2 rows of windows.

It circled my vicinity for one turn and landed about 300' from me.

My dogs left me and went home about 2 miles to the East.

I stood stock still and watched.

I'm not sure what it did but after about 4 minutes it started to rise slowly.

The bottom edge seemed to pulsate or spin.

It got about 40' off ground and stopped.

It banked as if looking at where I was standing.

I turned and walked away slowly.

It rose straight up until out of sight.

The following day i returned to spot and found indentures in ground and the wild oats dead and brown.

I have only told this story three times, now 4 the other 3 times I was laughed at.

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