Cluster Of UFOs

Cluster Of UFOs

Date: June 30, 1958

Location: Texas City, TX

I was 6 to 9 years old when I witnessed several tiny star like objects in the dark night sky.

What caught my attention as I stargazed was the perfect formation of what I thought were stars until they moved.

They were too many to count, but they were in what appeared to be an old type wheel formation with the stars making up the spokes of the wheel.

Their movement was like a burst from a fireworks rocket.

It was instant, coordinated, and vastly quick as they disappeared in all directions.

Even at that age, I knew I had watched something extraordinary.

I never told anyone until a couple of years ago.

I'm 65 now and have wondered if others saw what I saw.

After watching programs about sightings from airplane and jet pilots and other reputable individuals, I feel that it's time to report my experience.

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