Circular Shaped Object In Northern Sky

Circular Shaped Object In Northern Sky

June 15, 1955

Location: Terre Haute, IN

In the mid 1950s I saw this circular shaped object in the northern sky.

It was orange in color and very large.

One could associate it as the Moon, except it was in our atmosphere.

After watching it for a few minutes I went into my parents house to get a flashlight, in an effort to send a Morse code toward it, hoping for a response, but unable to find a flashlight I went back outside.

This is when this UFO had moved into the eastern sky.

Then coming from the North are 4 jet fighters heading toward this object.

They were probably scrambled from the national guard out of Indianapolis after radar picked this UFO up on their screen.

The size comparison between these jets and the UFO would be like 4 toothpicks attacking a beach ball.

after these jets got nearby the UFO the UFO, still dull orange in color, zipped to the South into infinity.

The fighters were going nowhere, except to eventually turn around.

I checked the daily newspapers for 2 weeks following this event, assuming that others had seen this UFO or at least a report on scrambling these jets, but to my surprise nothing was printed.

Later, during that same time period, while walking, I noticed what appeared to be a Ferris wheel in the northwest sky.

Thinking that could be a reflection, possibly from a fair, until the objects going around the center took off in different directions, as well as the larger hub itself.

The color of these different units were metallic.

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