Cecil M. Tenny Encounter

Cecil M. Tenny Encounter

Date: October 13, 1953

Location: Near Dutton, MT

While on vacation, Cecil M. Tenny saw smoke emanating from the vicinity of a nearby mountain. Since forest fires are common there, he did not investigate it. The following day, however, while returning to his flower shop from Great Falls and driving on a highway between Dutton and Brady he saw a pulsating cigar shaped object flying at very low altitude, about 200' above the ground. This craft was in sight for about 7 minutes, apparently searching the area for a possibly crashed UFO that fell in the area the day before causing the fires. The cigar shaped craft then accelerated and flew away. The incident was reported to the Montana state police.

Tenny stopped at the closest bar and told the patrons what he had seen. That evening Malmstrom AFB, in Great Falls called Tenny on the phone and told him to drive to the base immediately. He was then accompanied to a stockade like building which was totally isolated from the other buildings on the base. The building had no windows and was surrounded by a high wire fence. He was instructed to keep his eyes straight ahead and not to do any looking around on his way to the office. He saw officers carrying packages marked Top Secret. Then he was grilled extensively in a colonels office for 30 minutes, his interview was typed and he signed a statement in the presence of a notary at the base.

As he was being escorted down the stairs leading to the front door, he saw two men staggering in with 2 large laundry bags over their shoulders. The men were showing signs of fatigue and were having difficulty in carrying the contents of the bags apparently because of their weight. When one of the men dropped the bag, the outline of a humanoid body was clearly seen inside. Tenney saw its head, knees and feet, then 2 men grabbed Tenney and the officer opened the door and they threw him out.

The officer then yelled at him to get out of the building immediately. Apparently the craft was at this crash site was disk shaped, about 40' - 50' in diameter, with a dome. One side of it was damaged as a result of an apparent explosion on board, with a long crack running along one side of the craft, with lacerated edges. The cabin inside the ship was destroyed, filled with burned and ruined equipment. Two mutilated bodies of Nordic type aliens were extracted from the wreckage. They were in very poor shape due to the explosion. Both bodies were about 7' tall, had terrible injuries except on their heads, which were covered by helmets, when they were found.

Both entities had high and broad foreheads very long blond hair, elongated Asiatic eyes, small noses and mouth, thin lips, perfectly delineated, and pale skin. It looked like their eyes were very light blue and they had human like hands but very slender, with absolutely flat feet with small toes. The bodies and the wreckage were first moved to Malmstrom AFB in Great Falls. Then the bodies were transported by airplane to Chicago University where a preliminary study was done of them, according to one of Stringfields informants. The two Nordic bodies were later seen at Wright Patterson AFB by a French biologist, an expert in histones, or proteins connected with cellular genetic material, Dr. Leon Visse in 1959.

Later a Master Sergeant also saw the Nordic bodies inside transparent tubes in a Nevada underground facility.

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