Lisa Tenney Abductions

Lisa Tenney Abductions

Location: Boise, ID

Lisa Tenney, 40, claims that she was taken aboard a spacecraft, I would be in a ship. Like physically be on a metalish, solid, cool surface. she identifies it as such, thus averting the idea of it being a UFO, and probed, effectively raped, by evil aliens. Still, even with the horrific experience, she says that some of the aliens were like family to her.

Tenney, who is a life coach in Idaho, says that aliens have been abducting her, and her twin sister since they were 6 years old, and right through to their teens. Lisa also says most of her experiences occurred at night after they had gone to bed. She also stated that there were several kinds of extraterrestrials as well. Some were a bit nicer than others.

She says in the video that the worst of the aliens were a group from a government project referred to as MyLab. These extraterrestrials would probe her genitals, she says, in an aggressive manner. There was no emotional connection. It felt like rape. It was not a good feeling. Lisa then says that she has been left with physical scarring from the probings. After having 3 children, she was forced to get her uterus removed, which she believes is a result of the alien examination.

She says that when the aliens came to call, they would come through her bedroom wall as static. Once inside, they became solid. She describes them as humanoid without genitals, sporting large, black, oil like eyes, with tiny ears and an almost nonexistent mouth. She says there’s more telepathy when they speak than actual talking.

When she traveled with them, she says she could see her body go into the static state before she, too, would pass through a wall.

Of the friendly type of alien, Tenney says the one that visited most often was one she called Mum. She says she and her sister both experienced alien abductions. Mum, came to her sister more often as well. Mum wasn’t scary at all and she felt almost as if she were at the doctor. She describes the friendly aliens as higher dimensional, more conscious in their heart.

I want people to know its alright to talk about this, and to stop being afraid of the stigma of: You’re crazy. This is more normal than people want to admit. This is Lisa's reason for sharing her story.

Lisa said: My first experience I can remember is these beings coming through a wall in my room.

She says some of her experiences were shared with her sister, But while Lisa is comfortable talking about her memories, she admits that her sister won't talk openly about alien abduction.

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