It Wasn't A Police Car

It Wasn't A Police Car

Date: 2012/2013

Location: Rural Tennessee

This was 2012 or 2013.

My ex and I were driving down a remote highway in rural West Tennessee late one night.

I was in the passenger seat.

It was a very open area, no trees and surrounded on both sides by flat fields.

I'm looking out the window to my right and see this thing traverse the sky.

It was an artificial-looking blue light.

Think the color of the lights on a cop car, but a little darker.

It blinked with an even rhythm 3 or 4 times.

The thing that stunned me was how fast it was moving.

It was low to the horizon, and it moved from the area of the horizon in front of us, to the area of the horizon behind us in just a few seconds.

I wasn't able to estimate size or closeness to Earth because of how fast it happened, but it was big.

I've seen shooting stars that were close to Earth, and this was definitely not what that was.

My ex saw it too and it freaked us both out.

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