Lights Over Mt. Baldy

Lights Over Mt. Baldy

Date: July, 15, 1957

Location: Temple City, CA

About 10 guys were eating lunch in back of the machine shop were we worked in Temple City CA.

At that time there was a lot of talk about flying saucers.

One of the guys said look up there towards Mt. Baldy there are 2 bright lights, just like stars only its at noon time.

We watched them for about 15 minutes.

Then 2 jets Edwards AFB came up from the other side of the mountain and headed straight to the lights.

As they approached them the lights started to go to the East at the same speed as the jets for a few seconds and then sped up to about triple the speed of the jets then disappeared out of sight to the East

The jets returned to Edwards.

When the lights Started to move they didn't accelerate they just instantly going the speed of the jets and the same when they were going three times the speed of the jets.

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