Cylinder UFO Followed By Disk UFO

Cylinder UFO Followed By Disk UFO

Date: November 10, 1957

Location: Teaneck, NJ

I was standing in my parent's front yard in the fall of 1957 when I observed a gold colored cylinder shaped like a cigarette moving in an easterly direction toward New York City.

It was a clear blue sky.

Our home was in the town of Teaneck in northern New Jersey which is just 3 or 4 miles West of Manhattan.

The cylinder was traveling in the direction of its long axis.

It was blunt or squared off on both ends.

It gave the impression of being at the altitude of a jetliner, Boeing 707's were just beginning to fly around 1957.

Of particular interest was that the cylinder was followed by a gold colored circular object that was about one length of the cylinder to the rear.

Both objects traveled in tandem, the circular object was no wider than the width of the cylinder.

At first I thought it might be Sputnick and the booster that put it in orbit.

Besides the fact that the round object was following the cylinder, I also knew that Sputnik was too small to be seen by the naked eye.

I knew it wasn't an aircraft since it was not tapered in the front and rear and in addition there were no wings visible.

Years later I read that cylindrical shaped UFOs had often been observed with disk shaped UFOs that were sometimes seen entering or leaving the cylinder fact.

I'd guess this was one of those cylinder carrier UFOs with an accompanying disk.

It would be very interesting if others also observed this UFO in the greater NYC area in the fall of 1957.

I come from a family of scientists and engineers, my dad was a MIT grad, and I love science myself so I believe I am a reasonably objective observer.

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