Team Watches 100' Disk

Team Watches 100' Disk

Date: April 5, 1948

Location: Holloman AFB - White Sands, Alamogordo, NM

Geophysics Lab and/or AMC Watson Lab balloon observers Olsen, Johnson, Chance, saw 1 to 2 irregularly round, gray/white or golden objects, indistinct in outline like a major's insignia, slightly concave on top, one estimated 100' size.

Both were rising straight up then one veered to the right, dropped, made a large loop, went upward again, then disappeared suddenly not due to distance. The other object arced off to the west at terrific or tremendous speed made 3 vertical loops or violent maneuvers then disappeared suddenly not due to fading away in the distance.

In the afternoon of April 5, 1948 Holloman AFB personnel reported having witnessed an object in the shape of a disk, 100' in diameter, executing a series of violent turns and maneuvers.

It is worth making a note of the dimensions of the disk as estimated by these competent observers.

Another disk was seen the same day displaying similar behavior at Manila.

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