Metallic Green Light

Metallic Green Light

Date: Summer - 1948

Location: Taunton, MA

One night, a bright metallic green light that pierced through his closed eyelids awakened the 5 year old witness.

He opened his eyes and saw a shaft of green light shining into his bedroom through a gap in the curtains.

He threw his blanket aside and jumped out of bed to look out the window and down into the farmyard.

He saw a corona of green light radiating into the sky.

He assumed that it was his uncle digging up night crawlers for bait, using a new bright lantern.

Feeling safe he exited the window and walked toward the rear of the chicken coop expecting to see his uncle.

His eyes were drawn to a blue/white cylindrical object shaped like a spade on an ace of spades card.

It was about 12' tall and 5' wide at the widest part.

Out of nowhere, his body vibrated and felt large, weightless and fuzzy.

Soon he was in a large glowing red corridor with an arched ceiling.

A very tall thin man with long gold hair, wearing a metallic golden brown, tubular collared, uniform stood next to him.

He looked down at the witness with huge blue friendly eyes as his left hand waved him on through an archway.

He put his large hand behind the witness back, and guided him.

Somehow the hands touch soothed the witness anxiety.

As he entered a small room, he noticed a centrally located white pedestal table with metal instruments hanging above.

The tall man hoisted him onto the table.

He noticed an odor on him similar to frankincense.

Instinctively he laid down for an examination.

Above him he saw a large round purple light come on, and simultaneously in the center of his head he felt a tickling sensation.

In no time, all his consciousness ceased and he felt something on his right side.

It felt like a sword entering his right rib cage and going up into his heart.

When it entered it felt warm and pleasant.

The sword retracted.

The witness opened his eyes briefly and saw several baldheaded silhouettes partially eclipsing the light.

Soon an exhilarating feeling came over him and he found himself standing in the shadows behind the chicken coop.

He ran back to his bed.

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