They Could Taste Something Like Gas

They Could Taste Something Like Gas

Date: July - 1975

Location: Tasman Highway - Tasmania, Australia

On a cold dark clear night, this is Tasmanian winter, a family of 4 was driving home.

The car became hot, the interior of the car that is.

The engine then stalled, and they rolled to a stop.

Although there was no smell in the air, the family felt that they could taste something like gas.

Then they saw an object hovering over the road ahead.

It seemed 450' distant and 60' high.

It looked round and colored white/gray but metallic, and having its own irridescence or glow.

The diameter was very near road width, perhaps 15'.

Everyone was scared.

They stared at the thing for a couple minutes.

It may have had some narrow appendage extending below, but nothing related to that happened.

In a spiralling takeoff, the object rushed away to the South at great speed.

The husband happened to be a car mechanic, and he lifted the hood and made an inspection.

Nothing was wrong.

He got back in, started the car, and they went home without incident.

The object still seemed to be in the sky for several more minutes as a diminishing light

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