Taos Hum

Taos Hum

Date: Ongoing

Location: Taos, NM

Taos is a small town in northcentral New Mexico.

To a passerby, it might not seem all that different from any other quiet American town.

Listen carefully though, and you may find that Taos isn't so quiet after all.

Since the early 1990s, some residents & visitors of Taos have reported hearing a constant low frequency buzzing or rumbling noise.

And thus, Taos Hum.

The Taos Hum has been described as a faint droning sound, similar to a diesel engine idling in the distance.

It is a miserable noise for those that can hear it.

It never stops, interferes with sleep, and is more noticeable at night and indoors.

The Hum became so bothersome to Taos residents that in 1993, locals voiced their concern about it to Congress.

A public study was conducted to examine what could be going on.

Residents were interviewed and various sound detection instruments were placed around the town.

The study found that only about 2% of Taos residents reported hearing the Hum.

Many affected residents could replicate the sounds they heard, but no such signals were ever detected.

The only unusual activity observed was elevated electromagnetic field levels, but this was determined to be the result of local power lines.

No source of the Hum was ever identified.

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