Tamworth UFO Sighting

Tamworth UFO Sighting

July - 2009

Location: Tamworth, NH

Distance of UFO(s) in sky: tiny stationary black sphere couldn’t tell distance went to get phone, took 10 seconds by the time looked up it came within 100 yards it looked about 40 ft in diameter i saw some shaded areas before loosing it in the setting sun

Other Known Objects, For possible reference, or contrast:

It was dusk, I was on my porch, looking above tree line saw a stationary black sphere I thought it was a satellite because it wasn’t moving.

Further Description of Sighting:

Looking up I saw a tiny black speck and thought it was a satellite. I went inside to get phone within 10 seconds it went from tiny black sphere far away to a metallic sphere 40' in diameter within 100 yards over treetop 150' away from me, since it was sunset in the mountains sphere caused a blinding flashing sunlight then it was gone.

since it was the week of July 4th at sunset using a good computer i could figure out exact size and location.

It was a metallic sphere, no wings no, sound no and flashing lights

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