Saucer Shaped Object Hovering Over Church Steeple

Saucer Shaped Object Hovering Over Church Steeple

Date: August 1, 1960

Location: Taftville, CT

I was in the front yard of a house which was situated on a fairly steep rise from the bottom of the village of Taftville CT, where the parish church was located.

I remember looking directly across from where I was standing on the hill and seeing an object there above the church steeple.

It was a clear day with a bright blue sky.

The object stayed there for about a minute, so I remember it well.

It looked like 2 white dinner plates, one upside down on top of the other, which gave it a saucer shape.

As I was staring at it, the craft seemed to just fade out, as though it were moving away very rapidly, then it was gone.

There were other children on the lawn whom I am quite sure saw it, too, but my memory isn't too clear on that.

I Do remember our local paper reported some incidents of UFO sightings around that period of time.

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