Boeing 727 Sized UFO

Boeing 727 Sized UFO

Date: September 15, 1957

Location: Tacoma, WA

Saw a disk fly over Tacoma in the evening at 11:00 p.m. after returning from a date.

It was quite, had sightinglights like windows around the perimeter of the craft, and was the size of a Boeing 727.

McCord Air Force Base is close by and I sometimes look up into the sky to spot the planes that go by.

This sighting was over 45 years ago but I just stumbled onto your site recently.

I have not seen a UFO since then, but in mentioning the sighting to others, I have been surprised to hear other stories from friends.

In a car pool to a job at Boeing, one of the engineers said that he saw a cigar shape UFO.

At work at Boeing, a technical support analyst told me that he was traveling to California on the freeway from Washington and all the cars stalled out when a bunch of UFOs flew overhead.

In Galveston a computer operator told me that a UFO disk shape flew over the causeway one day while he was traveling to work in Galveston.

In every case this information was not provided until I said that I had seen a UFO once.

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