6 Spheres Flying In Formation II

6 Spheres Flying In Formation II

Date: July 25, 1952

Location: Tacoma, WA

6 spheres were flying in formation, 1 then 2, 1 then 2 in the western skies past McChord Air Force Base.

They were reddish in color and had a short trail behind each.

Based on Air Force cargo planes and the distance away from us they seemed larger.

This sighting was over 50 years ago, and I had one other UFO sighting of a disk shape ship flying over Tacoma in 1957 which is posted elsewhere.

Since that time I have not seen a UFO.

The date is an estimate.

I was in junior high and it was a summer softball program.

My friend and I stayed after practice to hit balls.

After hitting the ball and looking up while watching it I noticed the spheres and told my friend to do the same.

We first thought that it was a military exercise but when we arrived home and listened to a local radio station there were a lot of people calling in about this sighting so we also called and they told us that there were more than 100 people that called in.

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