6 Spheres Flying In Formation (And More)

6 Spheres Flying In Formation (And More)

Date: July 5, 1952

Location: Tacoma, WA

I was about 12 at that time.

A friend of mine and I decided to continue practice softball after everyone had left.

I hit a high ball and as I watched it, I noticed 6 spheres flying in formation.

Told my friend to look up and he and I watched them for about 2 minutes.

It was a arched flight in the vacinity of Fort Lewis.

They were in formation as 1 then 2 and again 1 then 2.

Based on the size and distance away, and because McChord Airforce Base was close by, I now estimate the size to be that of a Boeing 747.

When we ran home we turned on the radio to a talk show and they said that over 100 people had called in asking if the Air Force was testing a new type of flying vehicle.

Here's the more...

In 1957 when I had returned home from a date, I glanced to the northern sky overlooking Tacoma and noticed a disk shaped object the size of a Boeing 727 flying over Tacoma in and out of clouds.

This lasted about 30 seconds due to the cloud cover.

No noise, the object was metallic with what looked like windows around the perimeter of it.

IN 1965 I was a student taught in Bellingham, Washington.

In a science class I mentioned the fact that I saw a UFO once.

An Indian boy of age 14 came to me later because he did not want to be ridiculed and told me of an incident when he viewed a UFO hover overhead and then take off directly upwards at high speeds.

In 1968 I was a system engineer at Boeing after finding out how little teachers get paid, since I also had a degree in Physics.

I was in a car pool.

I mentioned once that I had seen a UFO and one of the other fellows remarked that he had seen a cigar shape UFO once.

In 1969 I was a manager of system development at Boeing and one of my employees told me during lunch that when he was travelling to California from Washington, 6 UFOs flew overhead and caused some interference, such that the cars on the freeway stalled out.

In 1980 as manager of On Line Systems for an insurance company in Galveston, TX.

I again mentioned the fact that I did experence seeing a UFO and one of the staff members said that he saw a small sphere flying around his neighborhood in a northern state, I don't remember which state.

In 1981 again at lunch I mentioned something about UFOs and a computer operator overheard what I had said and talked to me in primvate saying that he saw a disk shape UFO ffying over the causeway one day when he was coming to work.

In 2004 while downloading a large file, I stumbled onto your web site and noticed that we are the only ones that have seen it.

I oftentimes wonder if the Star of Bethlaham seen by the wisemen when Jesus was born was not a UFO sent to this planet in recognition of a highly significant event.

Since the star could not really be a star as described.

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