View From A Window

View From A Window

Date: July 14, 1947

Location: Syracuse, NY

While looking out the second story window of Hiawatha Cottage at Elmcrest Children's Center i saw a 200' cigar shaped craft of burnished metal above the last row of trees of the orchard behind the cottages.

The orchard ended about 300' from the cottage.

I had left the first base of the sandlot game to go up and brush my teeth.

I was 13 years of age.

I wouldn't ordinarily leave a ball game to brush my teeth unless forced, but I was not forced or suggested to go by anyone there.

There were no lights or windows or other markings.

No fins or control surfaces.

It just hung suspended silently above the trees.

I later surmised that the occupants must have been interested in the giant horshoe shape of the children's center with its 10 two story cottages around the edge/road and administration buildings at the center of the semi ring and the giant playground in the middle of the curve.

The children's center is still there at 960 Salt Springs Rd.

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