Unidentified Craft Witnessed Over Syracuse University

Unidentified Craft Witnessed Over Syracuse University

Date: October, 1967

Location: Syracuse, NY

It was October and it had been an unseasonably humid night. Deborah awoke in the early morning in her college dormitory room. As she woke up she was aware of the local milk truck making noise in the alley below. She had washed her hair the night before; with the high humidity her hair was still damp. She decided to open the window to get some fresh air moving in the dorm room. She drew back the curtains and opened the window wide.

It was then that I looked up into the sky and saw a hovering saucer shaped object. I was surprised and then became very scared as I was alone in the room. I thought I might have been dreaming so pinched myself. Deborah quickly walked around the room and grabbed her camera and began snapping pictures of the hovering disk shaped object.

She mentioned that because she was so excited and in a state of awe she didnít notice that the camera was out of film. I felt privileged to be a witness to the sight of this craft. Deborah says that she had always thought people who believed in this type of thing were foolish. All these thoughts crowded my head.

I felt like going next door and waking up the girl who lived there, and telling her to look out the window. But I was afraid to even go into the hallway. So Deborah just quietly watched the object that was hovering over the city. The object was highly luminescent or polished, a silvery color. It had an illuminated quality, but I never saw any lights. When the hovering saucer left, it took off at a fantastic speed. She says she observed what appeared to be sparkling dust slowly sifting down after the hovering saucer left. I remember thinking how beautiful it looked. To be honest I have struggled to believe it was from a different planet. Deborah said that there was never a report in the local newspapers about it. My friends, the ones I told, were very skeptical. Still, I didnít tell everyone as I didnít want to be known for seeing it, and I didnít want to be mocked or made fun of. Reflecting back, Deborah says she was glad for the whole experience.

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