I Have Remembered This Sighting

I Have Remembered This Sighting

Date: July 25, 1971

Location: Sutton, South London, England

I have remembered this sighting every day since it occured. The photo that someone took of the object was in the Paper.

Approximately 1000' high, black circle surrounded by white cloud, all the neighbors were watching/looking at object for over 1 hour and people seemed to get used to the site or decided they got bored watching, and decided to go back indoors. I also went inside to have evening dinner witch took 45 minutes, but something made me go to the door and have another look.

As I was looking at the object, the black circle suddeningly dropped at least 200', stopped dead, glowed red, then moved in a straight line heading north from a standing start to Approximately 2000 mph.

There was no trail in the sky that I could see, it took 5 seconds to reach the horizon.Then the circle shaped cloud dispursed.

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