3 Craft In Formation

3 Craft In Formation

Date: September 15, 1960

Location: Susanville, CA

Observed 3 orange lights in formation, no sound, high altitude probably 15,000', traveling roughly North to South.

Notable because I have watched aircraft night and day since childhood as son of Navy aircraft electrician.

These lights were not red or green or white, nor did they ever blink.

Aircraft running lights are sometimes hidden by a wing or fin, but even at high altitude the different colors of running lights are distinguishable one from another.

Because of the altitude and darkness, there was no way for me to describe shape of objects.

These objects were constant, unblinking, color unchanging as they traversed from North to South.

Not satellites, which were visible at that time, but were single, no formation, and would wink out as they passed into Earth shadow.

While I do not remember exact date, sighting was within an hour after dark, not once but 3 consecutive nights.

The only difference is on the third night, one of the objects, which from such distance I could only describe as an orange light broke off from the formation and shot away to the East, while the other 2 lights continued southward.

Within days I heard news reports of law enforcement officials and other reporting cigar shaped objects in the area of Redding, CA.

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