During An Evening Stroll

During An Evening Stroll

Date: Summer - 1971

Location: Sunnyvale, CA

At about 10:00 p.m. one summer night in 1971, 2 teenage girls crept from their houses in Sunnyvale, CA, and met up for a neighborhood stroll.

All was still and silent for an hour or so, until they came upon a 20'- to 30' flying ship hovering as low as the streetlights.

Probably a full 5 minute walk ahead of them.

The friends watched it drift toward some nearby apartment buildings and appear to survey them, bobbing slightly up and down.

It had these great enormous arms on the sides that slowly swiveled around and they had lines on the ends, like ropes, but they werenít ropes, one of the friends explained in her report.

It didnít make noise or light up, and it looked more like wood than metal.

She got the impression it was collecting things, though she couldnít see what was inside.

The girls fled in terror when the aircraft abruptly turned its attention on them, and they tried in vain to convince the one friendís father that they had seen something truly extraordinary.

He dismissed it and said it was probably just a weather balloon, the witness wrote.

If I am sure of anything, it is that that thing was no weather balloon.

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