Golden Light

Golden Light

Date: November 26, 1971

Location: Studsvik, Sweden

We where traveling in a Volvo, to northern part of Windy Island, Orust, Bohuslan, Sweden. There was a sound on the car radio, like many different frequences, high pitch and low pitch, in harmony. They flunked away ordinary broadcast.

And within 2 miles from the Great Golden Disk 4' in diameter, golden light glowing. Hanging in between Windy Island and Mainland, perfectly still, it started with a foggy mist, at 8:02 p.m.

When this cleared a very great vessel hovering completely still, violet thin lightnings underneath.

At 8:12 p.m. it was a Syncron Extreme white light, and a hissing short sound, and it took off in easterly direction, turning North, but invisible, the only thing visible was a square shaped ruby glittering light cloud, and then a dark blue star in far north east.

The children on the beach have seen mist clear, and sow and bird were silenced. There was also a burning phenomena at white syncronlight take off, n the head, and the car motor strike immediately, and all electric was put out instantly at UFO take off.

It was huge, and a man took twice a shot with his rifle, at bottom site, and metallic clang sound was clearly heard as we tried to pass the tunnel into north side of Windy Island

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