UFO On Collision Course With Private Plane

UFO on Collision Course with Private Plane

Date: January 15, 1978

Location: Washington County, IN

A single engine Sundowner flying from Evansville, IN to Cincinnati, OH, encountered a UFO flying a collision course approximately 22 miles north of Louisville, KY. The pilot accompanied by his instructor and girlfriend, related that he was flying at 5,500' when he spotted two bright lights at eye level at some unknown distance ahead. Suddenly one of the white lights began to move horizontally away from the stationary light, then it made a perfect circle, and then another, while remaining at the same distance. The erratic behavior continued for several minutes, then the animated object became brighter, looking like a blob and began what appeared to the pilot to head in a collision course with the Sundowner.

As the blob came menacingly closer, the pilot, fearful of collision dove his craft down 1,000'. In an instant, the white blob streaked overhead and out of view. When the pilot arrived in Cincinnati he called the Stanford Control Tower in Louisville. He was told they had no UFO confirmed by radar, but had received calls from people in the area who had seen a UFO.

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