Similar To Sputnik

Similar To Sputnik

Date: March 3, 1960

Location: Sumner, Lake Tapps, WA

I was about 5 years old when out of a sound sleep I sat up straight out of bed looking towards the tree line through the converted bus windows that served as our bedroom for me and my siblings.

I watched as a sphere similar to Sputnik of the day or a ball with spikes sticking out of it slowly rotated above the trees coming my way.

I at first thought it maybe falling but it kept a level altitude.

Once it got closer and was above me it stopped.

I did not see it in the opposite window fly over.

Then like someone turned a switch off in me I fell back from a sitting position in my bed back onto my back asleep.

I did not wake again till later that morning and drew a picture of what I saw and told my mother.

3 years later I saw a drawing of what I saw in a UFO book at our school library.

Some reported seeing little green men in a similar craft though I did not see any.

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