Sumatra UFO

Sumatra UFO

Date: January 28, 1953 & June 26, 1955

Location: Medan, Sumatra

Please Note: Some stories are very difficult to translate, Even with the help of Google Translate & Babble Fish or other translaters, So please bear with me on these. I am doing my best for them to make the best possible sense when read.

The city of Medan, located in North Sumatra is apparently a city which is among the most frequented UFOs in comparison to other cities in Indonesia.

Some people witnessed a magical object above the city of Medan at midnight. The object was as big as a star and a yellowish brownish color mixed with pink.

The magic object looks for about 15 minutes while moving regularly and whistling sweetly from the south to the north at an impressive pace.

A couple years later, in June 26, 1955, an hour before midnight, a magical object appeared on the red round Medan city and had a centerline of 1" in view. It flies from the West to the East in a jerky way, each time a fire exits from its tail, so that it grows faster.

After three minutes, the object soars upright and disappears. Half an hour later the object reappears the same way and disappears by soaring upward.

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