Be Careful What You Wish For

Be Careful What You Wish For

Date: March 4, 1975

Location: Santa Rosa, NM

Jim Sullivan, a musician from the 1970s wrote a song titled UFO, Jim's debut album, which was released in 1969, was entitled UFO it was about leaving his family behind, driving his car into the desert, and getting abducted by aliens.

On March 4, 1975 he left Los Angeles, CA to drive to Nashville alone in his Volkswagen Beetle, he was then 34 years old.

He mysteriously disappeared without a trace just outside the town of Santa Rosa, NM.

To this day, no one knows where he went or what happened to him, and his body has never been found.

It's almost as if he was sucked into space.

They found his car abandoned.

Everything Jim had was still in his vehicle, parked 26 miles outside the town of Santa Rosa, NM.

But Sullivan was nowhere to be found.

Some reports said that Jim was pulled over by the police because he was swerving back and forth between lanes.

Later, the officer stated that Jim was just tired from his travels, and rather than ticket him, the officer gave him directions to the nearby La Mesa Motel, where it's been verified that he checked in.

Reports suggest he did not sleep there, and left his key inside the room, and that he bought vodka at the town store.

Still, there were also reports that he was questioned by a local family as to why his car was parked either on or near their property. The family in question were the Genetti's, who were often said to have local mafia ties. Whether or not there was a confrontation between the two that led to sour mouths is unclear.

His car was later found abandoned at the ranch, and he was reportedly last seen walking away from it. The car contained Sullivan's money, papers, guitar, clothes, and a box of his unsold records.

With or without his disappearance, there's something in his lyrics that is incredibly mysterious and eerie.

Matt Sullivan, Jim's son, told NPR:

One thing that one of Jim's friends pointed out was that the guitar was left in the car.

If Jim was going to disappear, that would have been the one thing that he would have taken, because wherever he was in the world, he could always stand on a street corner and make a few bucks playing his guitar.

Search parties were conducted by the local authorities and Jim's family.

They couldn't find any trace of him, and to this day, it's almost as if Jim dissipated into thin air.

For a time, investigators believed that a badly decomposed body found in the desert might have belonged to Jim, but after extensive forensics, it was ruled out.

Long ago I remember watching a TV show, Night Gallery, The New Outer Limits, something along those lines, where the inhabitants of some distant planet were watching Earth's TV shows.

One program they were interested in was cancelled with no closure.

They then came to Earth to try to have it end properly, or a scenerio similar to that.

Maybe this is something like that.

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