Lights On Landed Object

Lights On Landed Object

Date: July 15, 1956

Location: Sugarcreek, OH

I drove right underneath it with my truck.

There was a bright light emitting from the bottom of the saucer.

As soon as I went underneath it the light went out and the saucer moved off to the East about 500' and then took off toward the North and disappeared in about 2 seconds.

The next one I saw was approximately September, 1967, in Washington, MI.

The lights of the runway at Selfridge A.F.B. came on very bright and the object was above the runway about 500' and did maneuvers for about 20 minutes before landing on the runway for about one minute and then it went straight up and flew to the East and disappeared in about 2 seconds and had the appearance of a straw hat.

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