Various Encounters Through My Life

Various Encounters Through My Life

Date: June 15, 1950

Location: Sugar House, UT

I am 72, and this started when I was 5 or 6, and continued through different parts of my life with different events.

I have put it off because I have been ridiculed and I kept my encounters to myself, and then shared with my wife only.

Last event was actual physical encounter inside on a table and what they did.

At 6 we never had TV and I was never influenced by anything.

I did not even know the words alien or UFO.

It wasn't until I was about 12 when someone showed me a picture of one.

That picture was not quite the same as the one I saw.

Similar, but not what I saw, and the most recent one of just a year ago is not quite as depicted.

I am only coming forth now in case someone really is interested in a lifetime of small encounters.

I saw the bottom of one large ship after one event, the only craft I saw.

I saw the inside of one, room only, where they were doing a procedure on me.

Then the years of small weird meetings of people that come and go.

I am not interested in money, fame, or even reporting for documentation.

I am only interested in why me and the anxiety it causes.

No other reason.

I need answers.

If you think this a hoax, then don't bother.

I am only looking for answers to help me deal with this.

As far as a spaceship, I only found myself looking at the bottom of one, slowly moving away from me.

I never saw the front nor back.

It was very large and I only saw the details of the underside of it.

Then I don't remember anything until at home.

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